3.Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven, 8-in-1 outdoor oven, 5 Pizza Settings, Ninja Woodfire Technology, 700°F high heat, BBQ smoker, wood pellets, pizza stone, electric heat, portable, terracotta red, 9×13

The Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven is an 8-in-1 outdoor cooking appliance featuring Ninja Woodfire Technology, offering five pizza settings and capable of reaching 700°F. It functions as a BBQ smoker, runs on wood pellets, and comes with a pizza stone. Portable and stylishly designed in terracotta red, it’s perfect for making delicious wood-fired pizzas and a variety of other outdoor dishes.
Pros Cons
wood pellet flavor
Attractive design Initial cost

Brand :Ninja
Color :Terracotta Red
Product Dimensions:21.5″D x 18″W x 15.1″H
Special Feature:Auto Cook, Timer, Racks, Programmable
Control Type: Knob
About this item
1.8-in-1 Outdoor Oven: This pizza oven offers versatility beyond just making pizzas. With its 8-in-1 functionality, you can use it for various cooking methods, such as grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and more, making it a versatile addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.
2.5 Pizza Settings: The oven features five preset pizza settings, allowing you to achieve the perfect cooking conditions for different types of pizzas. Whether you prefer a crispy Neapolitan-style crust or a deep-dish pizza, you can easily adjust the settings to suit your taste.
3.Ninja Woodfire Technology: The oven utilizes Ninja’s Woodfire Technology, which combines both direct and indirect heat to replicate the flavor and texture of wood-fired pizzas. This technology ensures that your pizzas are cooked evenly and thoroughly, with a delicious smoky flavor.
5.High Heat: With the ability to reach temperatures up to 700°F (approximately 371°C), this pizza oven can quickly cook pizzas to perfection, giving you that signature crispy crust and bubbly cheese that is characteristic of wood-fired pizzas.
6.BBQ Smoker: In addition to pizza making, the oven can also be used as a BBQ smoker, allowing you to infuse your meats with rich, smoky flavors for that authentic barbecue taste.
7.Portable Design: Despite its impressive capabilities, the Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven is designed to be portable, making it easy to transport and set up for outdoor gatherings, camping trips, tailgating parties, and more.
8.Included Accessories: The oven comes with essential accessories, including a pizza stone and electric heating element, ensuring that you have everything you need to start making delicious wood-fired pizzas right away.
9.Terracotta Red Finish: The oven features a stylish terracotta red finish that adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor cooking space.

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